Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sewing Studio WIP

So- I am still trying to figure out how to arrange the new studio. What looks good on paper doesn't necessarily work out when you move the pieces in the real world- UGH!!! Oh well- it is a WIP-work in progress. Feel free to give me advice....and if you want to come over and take some of the things I can't fit anymore- let me know!


Marcia said...

Oh the possibilities.... We are empty nesting now. So I put my sewing machine in my new "guest room". The top of a dresser is for cutting and an ironing board. Otherwise I just keep all my "stuff" in my original (very small) sewing room. Maybe someday I'll sew enough of that up to work my way back in there.... :) Love the sewing machine in front of your window.

marcia sparks said...

Hey Kim, love the squirrel print on the wall!

Kim Bates said...

oh look- my 2 Marcia friends! Thanks Marcia W!!!! Marcia S- did you see the Siamese cat print, too?