Thursday, November 22, 2007


Up early to walk the dog and then get cooking!!! I will put up some pictures of the cooking madness later when my daughter gets up and helps me download them on this computer...the never-ending battle with this one! (the computer, not the daughter) We did get about an inch of snow last looks so pretty on the ground!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OK- I am going to try to keep this up a bit more regularly!! I'm not very comfortable doing this- don't think I have anything anyone would be interested in but I love reading others blogs and so here I go....

Enjoying the day here at the Gallery- hope to get at some sewing before the mad rush of cooking tomorrow for Thanksgiving. My dad and brother will come up and the kids are coming home from college today. After having the house so quiet for awhile it will be interesting and hopefully fun! We never know!

The most recent project was a custom diaper bag. The baby came early so I'm glad it was done. The mom is very happy with it so I am glad!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!