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What I make with the little scraps

Some new items available for sale- I'm playing with the smaller scraps of vintage tablecloths to make eyeglass cases and bookmarks, all very scrappy happy! I find making things that are useful makes me happy to repurpose these vintage fabrics- they get a new life! You can go to my facebook page to see individual items and their prices:

Recent posts

Art Quilt class with Pat Bishop

This past Saturday, February 22 I was so lucky to take a class with Pat Baum Bishop. I have long admired her art quilts and her unique style. The class was held at the Center for Visual Arts in Wausau WI- a 2 hour drive for me but WELL worth it. Pat was so generous to teach us her methods and I can't wait to try them on one of my own designs!

40th Annual SECURA Fine Art Exhibit

I am so honored, excited and awe-struck that Stella was accepted into the 40th Annual SECURA fine art exhibit at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton WI. This is my very first acceptance into a juried show. My husband and I attended the Artist opening night- what an experience- met some new friends and saw some old ones, too! I am blown away by all the creativity and awesome art.


I have once again neglected my blog! So, I put together a mosaic of the highlights since August.  Just some of the things I've made or done- raising a Monarch butterfly from caterpillar to butterfly was a big highlight- we had 2 fails and one success. My art quilt Stella the Sturgeon is hanging now at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts. Finished my DIL's Beauty in the Bark wall quilt and it is hanging in their house and just some random other stuff. I always say I am going to be more regular with this- but we'll see! LOL
Have you heard of The 100 Day Project? It's on Instagram and it's for anyone. You pick something you want to do everyday for 100 days and it can be anything! Check it out at The 2019 project started on April 2 and ended July 10. I decided to make 4" Teeny Quilts using only my scraps. I wasn't sure I could actually do this but I did!!! It was fun and I really looked forward to making them every day. Above are pictures of them all displayed at the Green Lake Town Square Community Center in Green Lake WI.
There are also a few close ups of individual ones. I encourage anyone to join this International project- you won't be sorry.
I did not even make a dent in my scraps so I will be creating something with those next year, too!

Stella is done!

Stella is done and ready to hang in the Fish of Fondy art exhibit at the Langdon Divers Gallery in the Fond du Lac Public Library. She will be there, along with many other wonderful pieces of art, from February 6 until March 6 2019.
Her next appearance will be at the Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake WI. You may view her from March 7 through April 8. I'm thrilled she will be on display at these 2 great libraries! She way such a joy to make!!!

So- my latest project is a life-size Sturgeon wall hanging. I am entering it into the Fishing in Fondy Art event which is held at the Langdon Divers Gallery at the Fond du Lac public library. I have no idea why I wanted to do this- it just came to me!!! I usually find sturgeon to be rather ugly but since I started this I have learned that there are many varieties of these fish all over the world and they are all unique and beautiful! I have a new appreciation for all types of fish. Check out #sturgeonfighters on Instagram- so many sturgeons!!!
Here are a few pictures of my progress on this piece.

Stay tuned for the final results. I have had much fun making this- it's rather freeing when you are just "winging it", no pattern, no design just whatever comes to me at the moment!
Just a few pics of the Festival I will be at this weekend- some of the things I've made and my darling spot next to the sheep!