Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finished these 2 projects today. The pillow is made from a beautiful wool coat that belonged to a friend's Aunt. I had to put the labels and one of the buttons on it - how cool! The wool is sooo soft!
The bag is for another friend- I've had the fabric for years- she probably doesn't even remember I have it...I can be SO slow! I had fun with the adjustable strap.
Now- what to make next????? hmmmmmm

Spring Break

Lucky for me, my daughter, Kelsey, spent some time with me at the Gallery working on her art project. We had a lot of fun and both got work done, too! Those of you in WI , or who have heard of our political situation, may recognize what she is trying to portray in this painting....the finished product may be for sale soon!
She's back at school now and it's very quiet here without her!