Friday, August 20, 2010

"Jody" purse

"Jody" purse
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Latest purse- will call the the "Jody" because my friend Jody brought me a purse she had bought and wanted me to replicate the style. I would really like to know where to get some nicer zippers- the ones from the fabric stores are just too plain for this! anyone have any ideas?


Marcia said...

Have you googled zippers? I bet you would find all kinds of sources. Another wonderful bag. You are amazing!

Kim Bates said...

I'm so glad you look at my blog! Thanks!! I have googled zippers and it is overwhelming! i was trying to see if anyone had already done the searching for me- ha ha! I'm lazy!

Colleen MacDonald said...

I LOVE Kung Fu Cowgirl for my zippers. But it kind of depends on what sort of zipper you're looking for. Here is cowgirl's artfire shop:

Colleen MacDonald said...

Try this:

The other link seemed too lengthy.