Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas apron

Christmas apron
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I got two aprons from this tablecloth with lots of leftovers, too. The rest has quite a bit of red stain- maybe too much wine at a Christmas dinner????
Merry Christmas everyone!


creative breathing said...

Kim, Merry Christmas! Your comment is very appreciated. I am so happy that you enjoy my stories.They are just pouring from my in this journey! I already have posted more than there are days in December! Eventually I will run dry; so I am trying to get my brother in on this project. You will not believe the adventures he has had. He is one of those bigger than life people that I have been blessed to know. Your apron is wonderful! Elizabeth

Kim Bates said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Marcia said...

This kind of thing really makes my heart happy. Beautiful!