Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christening dress 003

Christening dress 003
Originally uploaded by redthimble.

Custom order from her wedding dress. I was very nervous! But I think it turned out very nice! Of course it looks better in "real life". I'm not sure I want to do these very often...


Mrs.Kwitty said...

That's so pretty--and what a cool thing to do with a wedding dress!

I don't blame you for being nervous though--I sure wouldn't want to screw that up either! lol

Well, you didn't and you have made a beautiful family heirloom for them, that has to make you feel good!!

Smiles, Karen

Kim Bates said...

Thanks Karen! The mom called after she got home and wants me to shorten it! She feels it is just too long for her little baby...oh well...I hope she doesn't want to lop too much off!

Marcia said...

When I saw this on flickr, I wondered if it was from a wedding's truly beautiful. You did a great job. I would've been nauseated thinking about cutting into someone's wedding dress, but what a wonderful way to recycle and make a treasured heirloom. Do you have the pattern with poem for a baby bonnet out of the hanky carried on the wedding day?