Friday, August 31, 2007

I made this for a dear friend. These are her grandmother's hankies. I framed each hanky with colors that were in the hanky to make the blocks all the same size. It's like a rainbow! Another friend quilted it- with a different pattern in each block! I only do the piecing...after that I have no more creativity left and she's so great at it, I just leave it up to her!


anne bebbington said...

Hi Kim - I just heard I've been given you as my swap partner in the scrap fabric swap - will have to go and sort out some goodies to send you over the next week or two - love the handkerchief quilt, a lovely way to remember someone

Euphoria said...

Oh my, I LOVE it! Those are really her grannies hankies?! What a beautiful gift- something to always treasure!!