Sunday, May 02, 2021

Looking back at April 2021

Continuing the 100dayproject 2021

                                New row color- my least favorite color-purple

                                                    Easter during Covid

Block for the Social Justice Sewing Academy- an unnecessary police killing of an innocent black man 


                                    More work on the 100dayproject2021

            Baby quilt for a friend who's son and wife are expecting a baby girl

Our 34th wedding Anniversary- how does time go by so fast?????

                                100dayproject 2021- only 2 more rows to go!

                    T-shirt quilt for a friend who is retiring- she's a sky diver!

            Our daughter's 32 birthday- went on a walk through the Horicon Marsh

                                                    One more row to go!

                                            The sky on the last day of April

Hope you are well and have received your vaccine!!!


Friday, April 02, 2021

Looking back at March 2021

Some Bird-themed zippy bags

My 100 day project 2021- a different color every 10 days

A little birdy on a piece of an old quilt with some schnibbles for embellishment

Hung a quilt out for National Quilting Day

My grown children are getting Easter candy in these cute bags...

More 100 day project progress...

And finally a postcard that is going to the Sisters OR quilt show to help raise money for the show.


Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Looking Back at February 2021

Made a little quilt for Valentines month  

Started the 100 Day Project 2021

Made a memory quilt for the Social Justice Sewing Academy

Tried a little fabric bowl- Calamity Kim inspired me

Working on little curvelettes while listening to Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michelle Muska on #tipsyteathursdays

Made a few scrappy Valentine cards which I did not send! This one is my fav.

Trying to finish up a few little vintage tablecloth scrap birdies


Got Covid 19 vaccinated!!! This is my reaction to the second shot- it did not                 hurt or itch and I felt fine...

                        Winter from my studio least it was sunny.

                                     Took a Siddi Quilt class with Sujata 

It was a good month- looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out and walk more!

Monday, February 01, 2021

A Look Back at January 2021

Stuff I made ...
2 bowl cozies for friends...

Finished this UFO pillow but still need the insert...
Craft Napa 2021 classes: free motion quilting, mark making, hand stitching and graffiti from plastics.

My least fav color

The lake froze.

 Finished this UFO table-runner- quilted it myself- why have i put that off for so long????

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodbye 2020

 Last day of the year 2020...what can I say? My husband,Ken, and I are fortunate to be retired and have not been too affected by the pandemic. We are very grateful that our family are all good. Many have not been so fortunate. I hope 2021 brings healing both physically and emotionally to many.

Trying the 31 Day Blog challenge has been a challenge. I learned that I don't want to post everyday and am still trying to find a more regular schedule for me to do so. We'll see what happens. Here are a few things I've worked on since December 20- my last post:

We got snow and it made everything so pretty!

I came across a tutorial on Pinterest for this little mouse- she sits on my sewing machine.
Made a couple of scrappy potholders for a friend.
Completed 2 snowman pillows- yea UFO's done!
We are having appetizers and Prosecco for our meal tonight- it has become a tradition. We rarely go out on NYE- just like to stay home, eat some fun foods and watch something on the TV. I am trying something new in the foods- my Great-grandmother Pilar Alonso LeCointe's cheese empanadas. I have never made them before so wish me luck. Here are some pics:
This is the recipe- I actually have 2 and they differ a bit so I am winging it

This is a pic of the dough and the filling prepared- that cube above the dough is lard- I am following the exact recipe and can probably make changes if I see fit after we eat them. This is NOT starting any weight loss diet-hahahahahaha!

These are a couple of pics of Pilar:

Looking back at April 2021

Continuing the 100dayproject 2021                                         New row color- my least favorite color-purple                     ...